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Hybrid Racing Drag Pads


has teamed together with

to develop the exclusive Hybrid Racing Drag Pad designed with the drag racer in mind. Working together with TechSpec USA, we have come up with these seat pads which are designed to be used with aftermarket seat pans.

They solve a few problems such as not having to sit on the bare fiberglass surface of the seat pan while providing some cushioning and traction for your leathers. They will also protect your paintjob from scuffs and scratches!

Combined with the seat pan, it will allow you to get your center of gravity nice and low to help prevent a wheelie induced run down the track and better your 60-ft's.

They are 0.25” thick total and are 7.25” x 13.0”. They have foam below the grip surface and are reusable! No more seat scuffs and these actually have padding in them so you are not taking a beating down the track!