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Laser Wheel Alignments

Experienced racers know that proper front to rear wheel alignment is critical to good handling and maximum performance. If your bike seems to “prefer” one type of turn over another, it can be a sign that your wheel alignment is not properly set. Poor wheel alignment can also lead to wasted horsepower, and pre-mature drive chain and tire wear.

Racing mechanics know that the swingarm wheel alignment marks cannot be trusted to achieve proper alignment. Some racers use calipers to measure the rear wheel axle position, but this method inherently assumes that the frame and swingarm are perfectly straight – they probably are not.

Another alignment method is to use strings pulled from the rear wheel tangents toward the front wheel, and measure from each string to the front wheel. This method is somewhat more accurate than measuring axel position, but is cumbersome and requires repositioning the strings, and re-measuring as the rear wheel is adjusted. The answer to this is doing it the correct way: with a proper laser wheel alignment device.

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